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We provide courier insurance cover for vans, cars and HGV’s. We supply cover to owner drivers, self employed couriers and courier companies. Put us to the test now:

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What Do We Do?

Simply put, we help you save money. The quoteforms on our site help you to compare quotes to enable you to find some great deals for your business, with cover that suits you and your business needs perfectly.


Easy to Use Service

Our service has been specifically developed to be as simple to use as possible, and to help you find the best prices in the shortest possible time. We know you are busy running your business so let us do the hard work for you.


Useful Advice & Guides

We regularly publish industry specific news, guides and advice to help keep you informed of developments and regulations. As well as being informative, this information can also help you save more money and help keep you ahead of the competition.


Super Fast Quote Forms

Our super fast, no obligation quote form is designed to help you get the cover you need at the best price possible, with the minimum of hassle. We know you don't have time to waste filling in forms and comparing prices so let us do the legwork.